What is Thermography about?

Why should you consider this Thermography for your business?

  • Detect any deteriorating electrical components
  • Identify loose or broken connections
  • Highlight areas of potential electrical overload
  • Minimize unscheduled downtime
  • Reduce the likelihood of catastrophic electrical failures
  • Any potential repair costs
  • Consider thermography to minimize the change of potential risks to your staff and those who work onsite.

What is it all about?

A technique of detecting, displaying and recording the heat patterns and temperatures across the surface of an object.



  • Annual maintenance program
  • Qualify for insurance protection
  • Inspect new electrical installations

4 steps to Thermography

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Certified Thermographer Attends

Flir Thermal Imager is used to scan each switchboard and sub–board.


If a thermal exception is identified, a report is generated immediately using calibration and load current measurements.


A complete inspection report on all assets, thermal exceptions and recommendations with a priority rating is provided.

Thermography you can TRUST.

We take the guess work out and give you experienced thermographers who use specialised equipment to generate high quality report which gets the job done.

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