Electrical Contractor Referral – Let us Collaborate with you.

Are you an electrician?

We pride ourselves in being the Thermography, Electrical Contractor Referral of choice for Melbourne based Electricians.

Partnership is the backbone of our business. Offering a premium and specialised service which many electricians do not offer. As a result, forwarding on this referral to us to complete the task for you. Ensuring that you, as electricians, give the best level of service to your customer.

Why should you call us when your client asks you about Thermal Imaging?

  1. As we are a dedicated Thermal Imaging business we direct all electrical work back to you. We will not be taking any work away from you. Your referral is appreciated and we believe this is fundamental to the foundation of our business.
  2. Our Thermographers are all qualified electricians and also complete intensive thermography training with the Infraspection Institute.
  3. Our thermographers use very specialised thermal imaging equipment (cameras and machinery) which generate very clear reports.
  4. The thermography report which we generate for you. We will have recognition of your name or brand. See sample below. 

Thermography you can TRUST.

We take the guess work out and give you experienced thermographers who use specialised equipment to generate high quality report which gets the job done.

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