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We are licensed electricians specialising in electrical thermal infrared imaging and are committed to keeping your business moving with little to no downtime. We have licensed electricians and our REC is 19615.

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We are highly qualified electricians who are dedicated to your business.

Thermography is a specialised area requiring premium equipment and qualifications.  Making sure that your report is completed to the highest quality level.

Thermal IR imaging allows us to predict where a fault will occur before it happens. By identifying these faults before a component fails, you are able to take the necessary corrective action. Prevention is the key to avoid any major damage occurring.

The main reason to use thermography is to help you identify deteriorating electrical
components, loose or broken connections.  Or potentially an electrical overload to your circuit. The aim is to reduce unscheduled downtime. Also the likelihood of a catastrophic electrical failure and overall risk to the property.

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4 Steps to Thermography

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Certified Thermographer Attends

Flir Thermal Imager is used to scan each switchboard and sub–board.

Onsite Assessment

If a thermal exception is identified, a report is generated immediately using calibration and load current measurements.


A complete inspection report on all assets, thermal exceptions and recommendations with a priority rating is provided. See our sample report to see the type of report that we can provide to you.

The first thing many of our clients ask is what is Thermography?

Thermography or thermal IR imaging is the use of a specialised camera that measures surface temperatures and the subsequent report detailing the findings. Only a qualified electrician can do work on a switchboard. At Melbourne Thermography we use premium equipment (FLIR T series camera minimum) to ensure that our reports are accurate and provide quality information.

Thermal imaging allows the Melbourne Thermography team to show you where a fault will potentially occur before it happens. Thermography uses imaging that shows different colours to identify areas that may cause a fault and areas that are running optimally. These colours occur across a scale with the darkest colours showing optimal components, devices and appliances and the lightest colours showing components, devices and appliances that have a higher temperature and may be at risk of failure, usually due to a faulty component.

A comprehensive report is completed by the Melbourne Thermography team to allow the client to take action on any exceptions. This allows them to make an informed decision about the action they will take and compare historically the condition and overall health status of the electricals in the building.

Thermography is essential predictive maintenance, finding the fault before it happens to ensure your building and people are protected from electrical fault, shock and fire and costly unscheduled machine breakdown.

The process undertaken by the Melbourne Thermography team is simple and effective for our valued clients. We understand that time is money and want to ensure that our team is effective and efficient with their time on site at your business.

What our clients say

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Alec and Jordan were on time, very friendly and explained everything step by step on what they had looked at, completed and any next steps.
Very happy to use them again.

five star rated testimonial
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Excellent company and electricians! Ezra, Shane and Michael were fantastic. You couldn’t meet more passionate people about solving technical electrical problems.
Highly recommend.

five star rated testimonial
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Thanks so much Shane and the team. After noticing them working next door at our neighbours, we engaged him to repair a long broken gate security system that we had been waiting over 6 months for another electrician to fix. They arrived on time, fixed the quite complex job in half the estimated time given and I would have no hesitation to have them back… Thanks again

five star rated testimonial

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