Case Study: Office Building with Multiple Tenancies

Scope of work

Thermal IR Inspection of 5 electrical distribution switchboards at the installation. Switchboards and Subboards are located in various different positions within each tenancy . Inspection took place following a recommendation from insurer as part of predictive maintenance program


There is a fault on the main switch of the switchboard. After taking load readings we verified the amount of electricity being drawn did not justify the heat on that cable. Electricians were scheduled to attend out of hours, at 7am, before the business opened. The main switch was replace with o unscheduled downtime. Subsequent scan revealed that the thermal exception had been rectified.

Had this not been picked up the result could have been catastrophic.


Quick Facts

  •  Thermography report led to fault being detected.
  •  Work able to be quoted by independent electrician and fixed outside business working hours.
  •  Saved multiple tenancies from being without power for a prolonged period of time.