Case Study: Food Manufacturing Plant

Scope of work

A large food manufacturing plant. 33 electrical boards were tested for thermal exceptions like unbalanced loads. Most of the issues were found in components of the switchboards (contactors) and these were able to be quoted and allow electrician to return and conduct repairs at appropriate time.


Results: There were several contactors that were overheating in the switchboard during the inspection. One of these were replaced on the day as it was close to causing a breakdown.

Significant fault: Contactor to packaging refrigeration unit

This thermography report identified a burnt out wire to the packaging refrigeration unit. The contactor was replaced immediately as well as the damaged cable as it was close to causing a major breakdown.

It is likely that the wiring would have continue to burn until it burnt out in a short timeframe. This may have resulted in expensive product loss, as well as may have prevented damage to packaging refrigeration unit (depending on how the wiring burnt.)

In the image it can be seen that the white conductor is no longer white (See image).

Quick Facts

  •  Wiring repaired prior to the refrigeration unit faulting.
  •  Prevented damage to machinery (saving of $10,000)
  •  Preventing loss of food product (saving of $1000s)
  •  Scheduled downtime saving company $